What are Native Ads and How to Make the Most from this ad format

Native ads units look and feel like the content of the site. That’s why we call them Native. Native blocks are not allocated from the content. Unlike banner ads, native have a place for a text, which also increases the space for creativity. And no matter what device your target customers use, since our ads are automatically adjusted to fit the user's screen. They seamlessly integrate into a page content to deliver a premium ad experience to users.

Benefits of Native ads
1) Native ads work for all devices.
2) Visibility. Users look at Native Ads 50% more than regular banner ads.
3) High CR. They don’t just attract clicks, they convert these clicks into leads and sales.

???? Buy traffic on CPC or CPM models
- Minimum CPC starts at $0.001
- Minimum CPM starts at $0.01

???? Select between Mainstream or Adult categories.

???? Show Native ads to your defined audience. You can set up an advertising campaign by location, operational system, language, device and other options.

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