ClickAdilla - TOP network for advertisers: Intro, Ad formats, Pricing, Targetings, and Features

Are you looking for traffic? Check out this video to get know what services provides ClickAdilla ad network.

Register in ClickAdilla - http://bit.ly/ClickAdilla

Advertising formats:
- Banner
- Popunder
- InStream Pre-Roll
- WebPush
- Native - will be available soon.

ClickAdilla's features:
- GEO - worldwide.
- Fraud free traffic.
- Detailed statistics
- Smart Pricing. CPM and CPC models. Bid starts at 0.001$
- Qualified Managers. Write in Live-chat to resolve any issues, regarding Clickadilla.com
- Exclusive Traffic Sources. Sites of our exclusive partner.
- Fast and easy start. Self-Serve Platform.
- Various tracking solutions. API. Tokens

Join us in Social networks:
- vk.com/clickadilla
- t.me/clickadillanetwork
- facebook.com/clickadilla.ads
- twitter.com/clickadilla1
- linkedin.com/company/clickadilla
- instagram.com/clickadilla_team
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