Clickadilla Push Notification Traffic Source [Review]

Ready to find out more about the Clickadilla push notifications traffic source? Watch this push traffic tutorial and learn how you can make money online with Clickadilla and push notifications.

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Do you want to find out what are push notifications and how you can make money online with this traffic source?

There are two kinds of push notifications: Mobile push and browser push.

Mobile Push: When a user receives an ad as a notification on their phone. The ad arrives automatically at the lock screen.

Usually, when you download and install an app you get a message in which the app asks your permission to send you notifications. These notifications can be reminders, promotions, alerts, or any other kind of message the developer wants to send.

Browser Push: Some websites may also ask you if you want to receive notifications. When you give permission to receive these notifications, you get added to a “contact list”.

The benefits of using Push ads

According to research, push ads have higher open rates, that’s probably because push ads pop up on top of all the windows.

With push ads you also have a wider reach, you can engage with old and new users.

Low costs, the cost per click is usually lower than the costs to send an email or sms.

Advanced optimization options.

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