How to create advertising campaign with ClickAdilla ad network

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We provide quality traffic worldwide on CPC and CPM. Get traffic that converts!

10 Ad formats:
- Web Push notifications
- Banners
- In-Page Push
- Pops
- Full-Page Interstitial
- Video in-stream pre-rolls
- iOS Calendar
- Native ads
- Direct Tab links
- Gallery

???? Our special features:
- Smart-rotator helps to choose the best-performing web-push notifications and banners.
- Smart-bidding finds the advertiser with the biggest bid, then, the system finds the next smallest bid among advertisers and adds a slightly higher rate of your closest competitor.
- The Pricebox shows your level of competition: the higher your bid, the more traffic you get.
- The Traffic Chart shows daily traffic, estimated based on the last week's data. You can find data on all ad formats and countries. Select ad format to see a list of GEOs in descending volume of daily traffic.
- Own and ever-growing base of push-subscribers - over 71 million.

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