Introduction To ClickAdilla Native Ads Network

Do you want to run Native Advertising campaigns on ClickAdilla? In this video, Agency 3980 Native Advertising Coach Ross Macfarlane will give you a first look and introduction to the Native Ads platform ClickAdilla. So you can see if you want to run your Native Ads and CPA affiliate marketing campaigns with this Native Ads direct traffic source.

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ClickAdilla is a self-serve advertising network that runs traffic for Native Ads where you can run your CPA affiliate marketing campaigns.

The technology behind them is real-time bidding RTB which is a cool feature that most Native Sds direct traffic sources are running now. If you look at online ad networks, they are almost going for RTB. ClickAdilla runs both mainstream Native Ads and adult campaigns. The revenue models of this network are CPC and CPM bidding models which you can choose between when running your CPA marketing Native Ads Campaigns.

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